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Inquiry: Why Now? Series

CSMP is partnering with 21st Century School Leadership Academy (21CSLA) to offer the popular Inquiry: Why Now? professional learning program. This year, the program will be hosted in-person in several regions across the state. For two days, school and site administrators, teacher leaders, and educational leaders from across the TK-12 continuum will explore the power and potential of inquiry-based instruction as a tool to promote and support a more equitable future for our students.

Inquiry-based instruction consists of four concepts: questions, evidence, analysis, and interpretation. Using this approach, students learn to question, discover, select evidence, challenge assumptions, analyze and make informed decisions. As they do this, educators are encouraged to slow down and help students deepen their understanding of content areas. Thus, fostering a culture of inquiry can substantively improve student learning with an explicit focus on equity. 

This program is designed to provide customized professional learning. Because the program is held at multiple locations around the state, discussions will align with local context, topics of interest, and need. 21CLSA and CSMP will provide flexible scheduling that will best fit local schedules and capacities. Additionally, the program is intended to support teams of teacher-leaders, site-leaders, district-leaders, and county office of education leaders.   

Information about registration for late Spring/Summer 2022, is forthcoming. We encourage you to visit the Inquiry: Why Now? website and bookmark it for updates. 

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