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21st Century School Leadership Academy

Leaders for equity transform education to improve access, opportunity, and inclusion for students and adults, especially those who are systemically marginalized and historically underserved, so that they can thrive. - 21CSLA Equity Statement

Educational Leaders (including school, district, and county office administrators, as well as teacher leaders) are invited to join colleagues from the California Subject Matter Project as we partner with our colleagues in the 21st Century School Leadership Academy. These free programs offer leaders both cross-disciplinary and discipline-specific tools to advance student learning and equity through localized professional learning, communities of practice, and individual coaching opportunities.

Inquiry: Why Now? Professional Learning Program

  • How can leaders leverage inquiry-based learning to improve access, opportunity, and inclusion for student populations who have been historically marginalized and underserved?
  • Attend an Inquiry: Why Now program to discuss how fostering a culture of inquiry can support a sustainable quest for continuous improvement that can redefine the professional role of classroom teachers and substantively improve student learning.
  • Our next round of Inquiry:  Why Now? programs launch Spring 2023.

Universal Transitional Kindergarten

  • The 21CSLA Universal Transitional Kindergarten Leadership Initiative is preparing leaders to "lead for equity" in rolling out California's groundbreaking TK for all 4-year-olds.
  • Leaders can access more than 60 hours of content on topics such as developmentally-appropriate instruction, socio-emotional development, inclusive practices for English Language Learners and bilingual students, recruiting and retaining trained and qualified teachers who reflect the community, home/family engagement, and integration across preschool through third grade.

About the 21CSLA Partnership

  • Leaders can participate in Communities of Practice, Localized Professional Learning, and Coaching opportunities.
  • Learn about the 21CSLA State Center, a partnership between the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education, UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies and UCLA Center X, and the California Subject Matter Project (of which the CHSSP is a member).

Learn about the work of the 21CSLA Regional Academies.

California Collaborative for Excellence in Education

Words of Wisdom and Practical Tools Shared by Experienced Teachers.


A substitute teacher heading into a new classroom. A paraeducator looking for tools to support student learning. Or a new teacher needing some words of wisdom from a veteran teacher. Whatever your needs are, we know your time is valuable…and limited.

CCEE is partnering with content experts and experienced educators to develop short videos sharing and explaining concepts, tools, and resources to support you in the classroom. Do you have 10 minutes? We have a classroom tool for you!

Please visit this website for a few examples of these excellent resources.